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Title Ceramic Crowns in Osaka

Dental Ceramic Crowns in Osaka

Ceramics are an excellent option for treating damaged or misshapen teeth. Although ceramics crowns, also known as porcelain crowns, have been used in dentistry for decades, only recently have advances in their manufacturing made them strong enough to be used for all teeth in the mouth.

Smile Design Clinic uses an advanced ceramic material for creating the perfect dental crowns. This composite mimics the translucency and luster of natural teeth. Our crowns are skillfully shaped and colored by a professional ceramicist for the perfect look.

Ceramic crowns with zirconia for a perfect smile.

Ceramics Are Biocompatible

In addition to their cosmetic advantages, ceramics are typically safer for use in the human body than using other materials.

Crowns made from ceramics do not tend to irritate the gums, cause metal allergies, nor damage the opposing teeth when chewing. Choosing ceramics is easy when you consider their safety and excellent biocompatibility.

Ceramics Strengthened With Zirconia

Our clinic uses ceramic crowns attached to a zirconia frame. Zirconium dioxide is an ultra-hard material that provides a durable core for the outer ceramic surface.

Unlike past generations of porcelain crowns, that would often use a metal core (PFM), a frame made of zirconia is naturally white and translucent, allowing it to absorb and reflect light more naturally. This gives the tooth a superior appearance.

Example 1. Ceramics used on the four front teeth.

Ceramic teeth before example 1
Ceramic teeth after example 1

Example 2. Metal crowns replaced by ceramics.

Ceramic teeth before example 3
Ceramic teeth after example 2

Example 3. Two teeth on the left were treated with ceramics.

Ceramic teeth before example 3
Ceramic teeth after example 3

Considering Ceramic Crowns

  1. Resemble natural teeth with transparency and color.
  2. Gentle on the gums.
  3. Resistant to staining.
  4. Resistant to tooth decay.
  5. Can achieve a perfect "Hollywood" smile.
  6. Produced by an experienced ceramicist at our clinic.
  1. More expensive than other treatment types.
  2. May be prone to chipping if the patient has a habit of teeth grinding.
  3. Requires time for the crowns to be manufactured.

Our clinic produces its own ceramics from an experience ceramicist. We also provide partial crowns, such as ceramic outlays and inlays.

Pricing For Ceramics

Ceramic Crown 150,000‰~ / per tooth
Laminate Veneer 140,000‰~ / per tooth
Ceramic Inlay@ 80,000‰~ / per tooth
Hybrid Inlay 60,000‰~ / per tooth
All costs must be covered by the patient.


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