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Orthodontic Treatment in Osaka

Smile Design Clinic has an experienced and highly-skilled orthodontist ready to treat English-speaking adults and children in Osaka City. An orthodontist is a dentist with special training to fix incorrectly positioned teeth and jaws.

When teeth are crooked, or misaligned in some way, it not only affects the appearance of the mouth, but can also affect the shape and mechanics of the entire face.

Today, millions of people, of all ages, seek orthodontic treatment to enhance their appearance and have a healthier, better functioning mouth.

A women treated by an orthodontist in Osaka

Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Although many patients seek orthodontic treatment purely for cosmetic reasons, there are important health benefits to consider as well.

When misaligned teeth cannot form a proper bite, accelerated wear can result from the increased impact and grinding on their chewing surface. Furthermore, crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, as they tend to retain food particles easier. This increases the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. In some cases, an improper bite can even strain the muscles of the face, causing chronic headaches, shoulder and back pain.

When teeth are repositioned with orthodontics, they not only become more beautiful, they also signal optimal health.

Common Types of Misalignment

Our clinic treats a wide variety of malocclusion of the teeth. We even take patients that have been declined elsewhere, due to the challenges of their needs.

Common types of teeth misalignment:

Overbite: Sometimes referred to as gbuck teethh. This is caused when the upper teeth are positioned too far forward over the lower teeth (or the lower teeth are set too far back).

Underbite: May produce a gbulldogh look. This is caused when the lower teeth are positioned too far forward beneath the upper teeth (or the upper teeth are positioned too far back).

Crossbite: This occurs when some of the upper teeth bite onto or behind the lower teeth, as they are slightly out of position.

Crowding: The teeth appear crooked, because the dental ridge was too small to accommodate their normal growth.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

For decades, metal braces have been used to treat misaligned teeth. But in recent years, a new technology has gained major popularity in correcting malocclusion.

Clear aligners, or transparent mouthpieces, have attracted millions of adults to seek orthodontic care. When worn, these aligners are virtually invisible and minimally affect speech. The aligners are also easy to remove. Patients can quickly take out their mouthpiece when they wish to eat or clean their teeth.

Even though plastic aligners, like Invisalign, have rapidly gained in popularity, braces are still needed for some types of correction. Often, braces are used in combination with aligners, when particularly challenging teeth movements are required.

To make braces less visible, they can be bonded to the inward-facing side of the teeth. These are sometimes called ghidden bracesh. Although this treatment is more costly and challenging to administer, some patients prefer their discreetness. If you require braces, ask the orthodontist about this option.

Mouthpiece Hidden Braces Braces
Invisalign and mouthpiece orthodontic treament hidden braces with rear wire orthodontic treatment Wire braces orthodontics

We Recommend Mouthpiece Aligners

Our patients most often prefer the use of invisible aligners. This treatment is better known under the brand name Invisalign. However, the suitability of this treatment can only be determined after a careful inspection of the patient's mouth. Not all teeth misalignment can be corrected with Invisalign, so please book a free consultation appointment to learn more about this product.

Benefits of Aligners

  1. Easy to insert and remove.
  2. Virtually invisible.
  3. Does not interfere with teeth hygiene.
  4. No restrictions on food choice.
  5. No possibility of metal allergies.
Women in Japan wearing Invisalign orthodontics

Potential Issues With Aligners

Our clinic uses aligners made by Invisalign. The product is a series of plastic molds, custom fit to each patient, that move the teeth gradually over time. Sometimes, certain types of teeth movement cannot be accomplished using aligners. In such cases, it may be necessary to use braces for a time. However, once the desired tooth position has been achieved, patients can often switch back to Invisalign for the rest of their treatment.

Wearing Invisalign is Easy

Learn more about Invisalign

Make an appointment to learn more about your orthodontic treatment options. Our goal is to make each of our patients healthy and happy with their amazing new smiles!

Pricing For Orthodontic Treatment

Clear Aligner
Total treatment   650,000 ‰~
Partial Treatment   200,000‰~
(Price depends on the number of mouthpieces.)
Rear braces   1,000,000‰~
Front braces   900,000‰~
Retainer   50,000‰~
Re-examination   3,000‰~ per visit
Patient must cover all costs.

Pricing For Additional Treatments

Ongoing Maintenance
Tooth Extraction
PAOO Surgery
There may be additional charges
depending on the patient's condition.
Patient must cover all costs.

Aligner treatment may incur additional fees if the use of braces are needed during the treatment course.


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